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The Art of Good Honey

If you’ve been following our socials, you know we’re in the midst of collaborating with some amazing artists across the country to create bespoke labels for our Honeybee Heroes honey bottles. The project, #honeyisart, showcases South African artists’ work on limited-edition bottles that we’re featuring in giveaways on our Instagram. We’ve been blown away by the art we have received so far—from charcoal sketches to colourful digital designs and even miniatures—and we can’t wait to see what our upcoming artists produce!

Here’s who we’ve featured so far:

And the list continues to grow! We’ll be welcoming many more artists to the project in the coming months. To do so, we’ve teamed up with an organisation in Cape Town called Artist Admin to identify more emerging and established local artists to take part in #honeyisart. We’re so grateful to these artists for lending their creative talents to our conservation efforts, and it’s a huge honour for us to be able to elevate their work by exposing them to audiences across South Africa and beyond.

We are giving our artists total creative freedom to contribute within their own means and mediums, adapting the bottles to best suit the art we receive. But we’re not stopping at labels: several of the artists will also be contributing to our farm’s growing sculpture garden with original and interactive installations.

We’ll be running a small, limited-edition retail line of all the original labels at the end of the year, as well as hosting an auction at Willowdale Farm, where we’ll be selling collectors’ boxes that include the full #honeyisart collection. All Honeybee Heroes supporters will be invited and proceeds will go directly to setting up new hive homes for our local honeybees!

Follow us on Instagram to stay tuned on our latest collaborations!

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