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Our First Community-Run Micro-Apiaries!

Honeybee Heroes is thrilled to announce two of our newest community partners this week: Lomond Wine Estate and Stonehouse Cheese Estate. Both of these environmentally-minded small businesses are located just down the road from our home base in Stanford Valley. At both estates, we’ll be establishing our very first community-run micro-apiaries, and we can’t imagine better partners for this than our neighbours!

Lomond Wine Estate

With 150 hectares of vineyards and over 1 000 hectares of indigenous fynbos, Lomond Wine Estate is actively involved in a number of sustainability projects on property, including a sustainable trout fishery. They’ve also donated a significant portion of their land to an environmental trust dedicated to fynbos conservation.

In the upcoming months, we will be placing three apiaries of 20 hives each on the estate. Each apiary will be managed by a different family living on property—farm staff of Lomond—whom we will be equipping with all the necessary gear and hands-on training in order for them to properly care for the hives and safely extract honey from healthy colonies. Each family will take a small percentage of the proceeds of the honey sold from their hives to supplement their annual income.

Sponsors of these special hives will receive the standard Honeybee Heroes Adoption Box plus a free bottle of Lomond wine.

We will also be establishing a small apiary on Romansbaai Estate in Gansbaai, which was developed by one of Lomond Wine Estate’s owners. The micro-apiary will be cared for by a longtime Romansbaai staff member who lives on property, and all estate homeowners will be offered the opportunity to adopt a hive.

Stonehouse Cheese Estate

Stonehouse Cheese Estate is a family-owned dairy farm in Stanford known for delicious homemade cheeses made from their cows on property. The cows are very well cared for, which you can tell by how good their cheese tastes!

We will be placing two apiaries on Stonehouse’s estate, as well as training a Stonehouse staff member on how to care for the bees and extract honey from appropriate hives. The Stonehouse team hopes to begin dairy and honeybee tours, for interested visitors wanting to learn more about their dairy and honey-making processes.

We love seeing local community members leveraging their services for the good of our beloved Stanford Valley, and as fans of both Lomond wine and Stonehouse cheese, we’re especially excited for our Honeybee Hives supporters to get to know them! Welcome to the Honeybee Heroes family, Lomond and Stonehouse teams!

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